Wake Up One Day As A Non-Smoker!!!

You Can … With A Bit Of Effort…And Some Guidance…You Know You Want To


I Will Help You And It Won’t Cost You A Single Penny!

Lets get something straight right now…There is no cost or hidden fees to quit smoking using The Quit Smoking Plan. No premium coaching plan. None, nada, zero dollars, zip… It’s free for anyone who wants to quit. I really want you to quit smoking but I can’t make you. You have to want to quit and be willing to work as hard to quit as you did to start.

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The toughest thing about quitting smoking is to stay all in…one moment of dropping your guard and giving in just a little seems to bring you back to square one all over again. If you don’t have a plan to follow and support to keep you moving ahead its tough. The best way to get to any goal is to follow in the footsteps of someone that has already accomplished it.

I have been right where you are…you want to quit but you don’t want to quit… Actually you do want to quit but it seems to come with such a cost. I was lucky enough to find someone who had a plan and had used it to quit. I had a track to run on and support to keep me moving. It was great to have someone who had experienced all that I was going through as I quit. And to reassure me I was ok. 

There is a lot of negative things you hear about quitting smoking. You hear and see that quitting comes with pain and discomfort. It comes with a lot of inconvenience and the goal seems so far off. Some people who have quit tell you that the cravings started to stop after about 9 months to a year or so.

The prospects when you are thinking about quitting aren’t the greatest. It looks like a long hard battle with lots of willpower are in front of you. I Disagree . With the proper amount of focused effort and time you really can wake up one morning and be a non-smoker!!!!     I and lots of others have done it.

Don’t Forget… I Don’t Want Your Money

Hi I’m Doug Smoot, I took the way I successfully quit smoking and created The Quit Smoking Plan. I have been teaching it for 11 years. Hundreds have gained their freedom and walked away from cigarettes once and for all. There is no reason you can’t do the same.

Those folks aren’t any better than you…the only difference between them and you is they don’t smoke anymore and you still do. You have enough of a financial commitment just buying cigarettes. I wanted to remove the barrier of cost that kept some folks trapped in their habit.

The way people quit with the plan is not complicated, they didn’t need drugs, pills patches or an electronic ‘pacifier.’ They simply followed a plan and at the end of 5 weeks walked away from their cigarettes. They weren’t suffering from nicotine withdrawals or bothered by a mental habit that told them that they are still a smoker.

They went to bed as a smoker and woke up as a non-smoker… You may say that’s impossible, but I have been helping folks do just that for years. Once you understand the simple techniques they did for the last 5 weeks before quit day it makes perfect sense. 

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The Biggest Cause Of Failure When Quitting Is… Not Having A Plan

Having a plan will give you the assurance that you are on track and you have a direction to move ahead in. You will know what to do when a situation arises that used to be a trigger to smoke.Not having a plan is really having a plan to fail.

When you listen to conventional quitting wisdom you hear that you will fail 7 times before you quit… Statistics tell us that cold turkey has a 90% failure rate…Really!   Why even bother with those odds?

It gets worse. In September 2006, Pfizer issued a press release announcing  its new quit smoking pill. It boasts that “after one year, approximately one-in-five patients who received the 12-week course of  the drug remained smoke-free. Those aren’t good odds either.

While Ecig users may not be actually smoking anymore they still have a habit that they are stuck with. Most of the Ecig users are a bit embarrassed about it and some call it a pacifier for adults. I really haven’t met anyone that has actually stopped consuming nicotine with them. This will work to get rid of Ecig habits too. Sign Up Here


Why Does The Quit Smoking Plan Succeed While Other Methods Fail?


The Plan treats all aspects of the smoking habit. It relies on gradually lowering nicotine levels and learning new habits. It does not rely on will power. Will power is great , it can accomplish great things but…It gets tired…It gets bored …It gets distracted.

As a smoker you know that its not just a physical habit. It is more mental than physical. We have all heard one of those sad stories about someone quitting for months or years and then falling back into the habit.

It wasn’t nicotine cravings that drew them back. It was their mental habit that was never put to rest. It waits for a weak moment and ‘wham’ it drags you back where you really don’t want to go. That’s the difference… My graduates have unwound the smoking habit and created a new habit of being a non-smoker.


How Will You Do It?

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    • You will lower your nicotine level by 90% in 5 weeks…It’s surprising how easy it is. Like walking down a flight of stairs
    • You will begin to put time and space between your triggers to smoke and cigarettes… Triggers like coffee, meals, driving and so on
    • You will gradually you increase the time and space so at the end of 5 weeks they aren’t triggers anymore…The mental connection will be gone
    • You will realize what fears of quitting held you back before, you will be ready to handle them as they arise…I haven’t met a smoker yet that didn’t have to deal with one or more of these fears
    • You will receive weekly videos that will help you understand your habit and prepare you to make the steps you need to take each week to get free
    • You will have access to daily emails with encouragement, or reminders, or an additional instruction to help you it might be text or it may include a video 
    • You will be coached through the entire quitting process and for a few additional weeks


Is It Really True That I Will Wake Up 36 Days From Today As A Non-Smoker?


It is true if you will start today, follow the system that has worked for so many others  and…Promise to keep on smoking for the next 35 days. Nobody gets to quit early. What happens in the last week to smoke is powerful.

Let me tell you what my quit day was like and then you decide. Quit day was a Tuesday in May. Monday night I went to the last quit smoking class before quit day. Later that evening I thought about how annoying it was to keep smoking for the last week.

I hated my cigarettes, they had done nothing for me…I was forcing myself to smoke that whole last week.

I had promised to keep smoking the whole time. And as irritating as it was I could see that it had put an end to my relationship with my cigarettes forever…They were no longer my friend. It was just like they told me it would.

Those were the thoughts rolling around in my head as I was smoking my last cigarette. It was a surreal experience watching the smoke come up from the glowing end of my cigarette.

I knew that it was my last one. I felt excited and prepared…But somewhere inside I felt a bit scared…I felt that I was going somewhere I hadn’t been in a long time.

I crushed my cigarette out …Took the last 3 from the pack and flushed them down the toilet. I watched as they swirled around the bowl and went down. It was like watching an old friend who was kind of annoying to be with, walking out of your life for the last time.

It was an unusual feeling as I stepped into the shower to wash off the cigarette smell that I would never have again. As I stood in the warm shower I wondered…


The Next Morning Was A Shock!


I got up and went to make coffee. I had another cup as I finished eating my breakfast…The coffee tasted great. I got dressed , kissed my wife and off I drove to work. It was a busy day at the car dealership I worked at. Around 11:00 it hit me …Not cravings but the realization that I hadn’t even thought of a cigarette or smoking yet till then.

The 5 weeks  of changes I had made had seemed so trivial almost silly…But they worked I was going to make it and it wasn’t a struggle. It was just like they told me. I got out of bed and didn’t think about a cigarette, the connection was gone.

I had coffee and didn’t think about a cigarette, the connection was gone. I finished eating breakfast, drove in the car, had another cup of coffee, started working and didn’t think about a cigarette, the connection was gone.

I admit I would think about smoking from time to time.  But it was never so strong that I would go there…even when I was at a party and someone kept offering me a cigarette over and over. Looking back I think that he felt like I was making him look bad by my quitting.  Now smoking is a distant memory, it’s almost like I never smoked. That’s the same thing I hear from a lot of my graduates too.


Enough About Me Quitting…What Are You Going To Do?

It’s free so you cant use the excuse its too expensive. Do you know how much money you will save starting 35 short days from now…It’s a lot. I would offer you a guarantee but I can’t predict what you will do. I do know that I really want you to quit and I believe you really want to. 

You may be hesitating thinking maybe this will work but…will it?  Check out some of the testimonials and hear from successful ex-smokers who were right where you are at but are now totally free.

You don’t quit smoking today in fact I insist that you must continue to smoke for the next 35 days…Then you will be completely ready to be free.

Did I mention It’s Free…Come On What Are You Waiting For


Take These Steps Right Now To Change Your Future


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    If You Don’t Quit Smoking Now…When?

    When cigarette prices climb so high you have to take food off the table to buy cigarettes. How about when your health begins to show the effects. Or when you run out of places where you can smoke. The longer you delay the longer you are trapped in the physical and financial burden of smoking. 

    If You Don’t Quit Smoking With This Plan…How Are You Going to Quit?

    There are lots of ways to quit smoking but most of them don’t treat the whole habit. It is my sincere desire that you be completely free from cigarettes.

    This plan will work all you have to do is join up…watch the videos…read the emails and follow the plan. It’s simple but it works. 

    So What’s The Catch?

    If you are saying to your self this seems like a pretty high pressure sales page.What’s the deal how can he do it for nothing? I don’t blame you. I would think the same thing if I was where you are at. I quit 32 years ago using the principals and concepts that I teach. And it cost me a couple hundred dollars ( it was worth it)

    Now I am sort of retired (sort of) and now I am okay without income from this plan. Yes I am an ‘old guy’ but I just know somethings you need to know. When I first started teaching people how to quit smoking, 11 years ago I did it for free and it was the best of times. I got flat out excited watching people make a decision and go for it and win. It still gets me fired up when you get free from something that has held you back for too long. Then it turned into a business, well now I can give it away.

    That’s the reason I do what I do and I get to do it for free now. Go ahead and sign up. You don’t have anything to loose but an old nasty habit. Sign Up Here      See you on the inside.